Hey, so it’s been a very long time but I’ve been very busy. I put on a camp, Indonesian Generations Leading Our World (IGLOW), and that took up so much of my time. Also, it’s very difficult for me to write. Well, here is a video showing some pictures of the IGLOW camp we did that had sessions on Gender Roles and Respect, Stereotypes and Beauty, Reproductive Health, Career Panel, Leadership and Teamwork, Environmental Awareness, Self Care, Goal Setting, and Share the GLOW (how to share the information they learned at the camp with their schools). We had 8 schools from Bogor and Bekasi with 6 boys and 6 girls (12 students) from each school for a total of 96 students. We had 12 counselors (6 woman and 6 men) from local universities here to help us with the camp. It was a lot of fun and my students still keep asking me when will we have a meet up. Please enjoy the video below.





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  1. ruqayyahaka says:

    Love the video! All of you looked like you were having so much fun.

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