My classes were so happy when my counterpart (CP) and I announced that October 11, 2015 is the International Day of the Girl. They all started to cheer! We discussed how we wanted to celebrate the adolescent girl and write how they are powerful. Some of the girls had a difficult time thinking of how they are powerful. We gave them some examples and I really enjoyed seeing them thinking about what makes them unique. Many wrote they are powerful because they were patient, caring, and independent. The boys were feeling left out until we explained they should write about how an adolescent girl is powerful. I said they can think of a friend or their sister. I shouldn’t have been surprised that they asked if they could write about their girlfriends. I got responses like “She is powerful because I love her” and “She is powerful because she is caring.” It was really sweet.

I really enjoyed this activity since many of the girls got to think about how they are powerful and the boys got to think about the influence their friends have on them. Enjoy their responses.


XI Science 1 – A lot of shy pictures from this group but great signs.

IMG_20151010_081949 (2) IMG_20151010_081949 (3) IMG_20151010_082206 (2)IMG_20151010_081951 (2) IMG_20151010_082135 (3) IMG_20151010_082139 (3)IMG_20151010_082553IMG_20151010_082427IMG_20151010_082300






XI Science 2 – Many students wanted to make their signs colorful to highlight their power.

IMG_20151008_112935 IMG_20151008_112913  IMG_20151008_112755 IMG_20151008_112607 IMG_20151008_112547 IMG_20151008_112513 IMG_20151008_112508 IMG_20151008_112436 IMG_20151008_112429 IMG_20151008_113204IMG_20151008_113124IMG_20151008_113137IMG_20151008_113204

XI Science 3 – of course I had to jump in some pics since its a requirement in many of my classes

IMG_20151008_093254 IMG_20151008_092559 IMG_20151008_092619 IMG_20151008_092716 IMG_20151008_092803 IMG_20151008_092857 IMG_20151008_092922 IMG_20151008_093035 IMG_20151008_093144

XI Science 5 – They were extremely excited and wanted to take a bunch of pictures

IMG_20151010_113550 IMG_20151010_113601 IMG_20151010_113614 IMG_20151010_113631 IMG_20151010_113536 (2)IMG_20151010_113527 (2)IMG_20151010_113648 IMG_20151010_113721 IMG_20151010_113731 IMG_20151010_113745 IMG_20151010_113801 IMG_20151010_113813 IMG_20151010_113834 IMG_20151010_114005IMG_20151010_113945

XI Social 1 – The guys were really eager and had a lot to say about their sisters and girlfriends.

IMG_20151010_091448  IMG_20151010_091141 (2)IMG_20151010_090857  IMG_20151010_090721IMG_20151010_091032 IMG_20151010_091140 (2) IMG_20151010_091140 (3) IMG_20151010_091030 (2)

XI Social 2 – Many of my students wanted to write a paragraph about how they are powerful. Love the confidence!

IMG_20151009_092441 IMG_20151009_093210 IMG_20151009_093231 IMG_20151009_093309 IMG_20151009_093344 IMG_20151009_093402 IMG_20151009_093420 IMG_20151009_093732 IMG_20151009_093955 IMG_20151009_094000 IMG_20151009_094136 IMG_20151009_094138


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  1. Rebecca H says:

    Alhamdullilah! I really liked reading their words. They are powerful because they have a caring teacher too.

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