10522022_10154546631400230_6603020489235529534_nSo I haven’t posted in a while because on August 24th I lost all my stuff. I was on an angkot in Bandung and I had my purse separate from my backpack. As I was getting money out of my purse leaving the angkot I left my backpack on the angkot. We started walking a bit and maybe 5 minutes later I realized I didn’t have it with me. We went back to the spot the angkot let us off at, got into another angkot going to the same place our previous angkot was going and tried hunting it down for maybe an hour but no luck. My laptop, kindle, camera, some clothes, school supplies, water bottle, umbrella, etc. was in the backpack. I’ve been slowly realizing all that was in the backpack as I try to look for it in my room and realize it was in my backpack, like my PC flash drive with all my lesson plans on it. I cried for two days but now I am over it. It has been really hard and expensive replacing this stuff but I wasn’t hurt and they were all replaceable. I now feel like a real PC volunteer. Keep me in your prayers and thoughts!


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  1. Umm says:

    Salaams Fis, I can’t imagine the trauma you experienced with losing so much. I’ve still hope in the humanity of folks that some of what you lost will come back to you, if not in this life, the next.

    Love you.

  2. BeautyBug says:

    awe this is so sad! I’m sorry you had to go through this, but good for you for keeping a good attitude about it! Sending you happy vibes all the way from Canada ❤

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