After Cililin, I was home for one night and then departed for Jakarta. I planned to meet Jen there and we booked beds at the hotel Six Degrees. I’ve been wanting to see Jakarta since I arrived in Indonesia so I was excited. On the way there I met this really sweet lady who, 50 years ago, was in an exchange program with a high school in Connecticut. Her name is Ibu Sulma and she was actually on her way to see some of the high school students she did the exchange with. It was so odd that I would sit next to her on this crowded bus but I was glad I did. We exchanged numbers and talked until her stop…then a creeper sat next to me. I didn’t realize he was a creep until much later since I was still in a good mood after meeting Ibu Sulma. He told me he was going to Senen which was where I was going so he said he would help me get there. He spoke some English so we talked and I gave him my number like I did for Ibu Sulma, big mistake. Anyways, the whole time he’s talking about what he does, asking me what I’m doing and Indonesia, etc. I ask him about his kids and says something about his wife that I couldn’t understand. Later, he repeated it and that’s when I realized he was looking for a wife since he was divorced, gross. This dude has a daughter the same age as me! Anyways, I let him show me where to go and we ride to Jakarta together. He’s talking about he wants to meet my friend but I’m like, I’m not putting Jen through that so I manage to ditch him as soon as I see Jen. Unfortunately he still has my number but I ignore his texts. He even tried to call me once which I let go to voicemail. You live and you learn. Usually I’m much more cautious, I don’t even give my number to some of the teachers at school but dude caught me at a good/bad time

Anyways, Jakarta was fun. Jen and I check-in to the hostel, which was very nice. We were in a 10 bed room and met a German guy named Kim and a Polish girl named Lea. They were cool and the German guy actually knew where Lake Constance was, first person I’ve met who heard of it (instead reference for the fam).

I managed to convince Jen to go bowling since Jakarta has multiple bowling alleys. For those who know me, you know how excited I was to finally go bowling.

IMG_20140802_164946IMG_20140802_164911 IMG_20140802_164933

I started out slow (as usual), which is why I say the first game is the warm. My scores: 87, 154, 137 (bowled first 2 frames left handed). After that we went to the Bee Hive Cafe in South Jakarta which was mentioned on a blog as having a cool atmosphere. It was in some obscure neighborhood and the taxi driver didn’t even know how to find it. We had to stop and ask for directions. We finally got there and the place was actually really nice with good pasta. It was a cool day and I was so happy to have bowled!

The next day we met up with Jen’s friend Afin who brought us to the Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall.  Apparently, Jakarta is known for its malls and I see why. This place had everything and was huge. It even had a Magnum Bar Cafe.IMG_20140803_152945

Afin was really nice and bought us lunch, gelato at this make your own gelato place and treated us to a movie. The movie theater had balcony seating with lazyboy chairs, blankets, and tables for food. It was ridiculous. Luckily, this was my fourth time seeing Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (#DemApes!) beacuse I fell asleep in that comfy chair.


Jakarta was a success, I just wish I could have stayed longer but the first day of school was the next day. Afin brought us to the bus terminal in Rambutan and asked what we thought of Jakarta. It looks like Boston, oddly enough, but apparently there are no tourist attractions there, just lots and lots of malls. Well, I had a good time and can’t wait to see more of it.


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  1. Umm says:

    Glad you had fun Fis! Be more careful, please.

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